We Specializing in Carpet Repair


  • Interior water damage - We Can Fix That!
  • Rain or weather related incidents - We Can Fix That!
  • Pet accidents, torn carpet by doorways, entry’s, hallway, steps.  We Can Fix That!
  • Odors can often be fixed by changing the carpet in a single room. We Can Fix That!
  • Damage caused by  furniture or appliances. We Can Fix That!
  • Excessive wear, burns and spills of any type. We Can Fix That!
  • Sub-floor damage at windows, entry doors, openings, etc. We Can Fix That!
  • Squeaky floors? We Can Fix That Too!

Casey Carpet Services also provides the following services:

  • We can repair or replace all types of carpet
  • We can repair or replace hardwood and laminate flooring-any type
  • We sand , stain and refinish both solid and engineered flooring
  • We can repair or replace vinyl flooring
  • We provide a total turnkey service-take up old carpet and padding
  • We move furniture in and out of the work area
  • We haul away all construction debris

Free No-Obligation Quote!

Casey Carpet Services CAN RE-STRETCH YOUR EXISTING CARPET TO MAKE IT LOOK AND FEEL NEW –Before you spend thousands replacing your carpet, call us for a Free No-Obligation Quote, most cases carpet can be restored to prolong its useful life.

Pricing for repairs start for as little as $149.00

Free 25.00 Visa Gift Card with every order over $300.00